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Suan Long Oerlikon

Hofwiesenstrasse 350, 8050 Zürich, 043 443 40 11

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Working Hours

18.05 closed


11:00h - 22:00h


11:00h - 22:00h


11:00h - 22:00h


11:00h - 22:00h


11:00h - 22:00h


11:00h - 22:00h



In prime location

Our extensive menu card will surely satisfy any cravings you have.

Our restaurant can be found in the traditional shopping centre Neumarkt. Perfectly located just outside of the Station “Oerlikon”, our modern interior reflects how we are constantly reinventing ourselves. For those in a hurry, we have a dedicated take away station.



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Please ask your waiter if you require any information regarding allergies or intolerances.

Perfectly located

In the trendy district Oerlikon, we are located just outside of the Station “Oerlikon”, which is well connected with Zurich Main station.

Dedicated take away station

For the ones in a hurry, we have a dedicated take away station just around the corner of our restaurant.

Fantastic food options

Our menu card offers a wide selection of dishes that will satisfy all your cravings. From crispy duck, steaming dumpling to wholesome noodle soups, we have you covered.

Perfect for group events

Our restaurant can be booked for private hiring or group events.

Food is just an option

Our customers are coming back for the complete experience

Take a deep dive into Asian culture, quickly served by Asian staff, cooked by highly-experienced Asian chefs. Otherwise, what is food without the taste?

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